Iron Acton, Extension.

I was the project manager for this extension, working along side Stack LTD and designed by Gambles Architects.

This is a unique design, built with laminated birch ply frames and clad in thermally treated ash. There are lots of architectural features on the interior including a floating bench, frameless glass link and oak sliding doors.

Tywarnvorne new build

A complete new build in Lostwithial, Cornwall.

The house had to be a lightweight structure as it sits on historical lime kilns. The construction was a very well insulated timber frame, clad in Siberian Larch.

Pentacabin 002

This was a cabin I helped build with @_samludgate. We built it in sections in a workshop in Cornwall and then erected it at @lowershawfarm in Swindon. It sits on a steel plinth on ground screws which makes it mobile. 

Designed by Sam Ludgate
Check his Instagram for more beautiful projects!

Traditional softwood joinery.

These built in alcove cupboards and reinstated shutters were constructed with traditional haunched through tenons and designed to match existing Victorian joinery.

Out House, Stage one

The outhouse rebuild.
This stone building was hidden under layers of ivy. It was in a very bad way and had to be demolished. After lots of head scratching we came up with a safe way of taking it down. 
we rebuilt it, as well as laying a patio, using the stone.
One day I’ll be putting a roof and glass doors on it, so watch this space. The photos show a before and after the demolition and rebuild.

Reclaimed Brick Bathroom

This bathroom was built out of reclaimed bricks from the site, by myself and Joe Thorpe. The architect designed it so that the brickwork would run into the skylight which creates a lovely detail.

Other projects

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